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    Nokia Edge Product Review

    Price of Nokia Edge 2017 in Egypt
    Nokia is back in the market with a bang and has been releasing high-tech, unique-designed smartphones like the Nokia Edge 2017, ever since. The range and functionality of the phone can be determined from the fact that this phone is coming into the market as competition for iPhone 8, iPhone8 Plus, Google Pixel 2, and Samsung S8, which are all among the most awaited, major releases of the year 2017. 

    Edge to Edge Technology
    One of the major features that stands out in the Nokia Edge 2017 is its design. The first look of the design shows that the phone will have an edge-to-edge display! This means that the display of the phone runs from one edge to the other edge, due to which it is a buttonless smartphone to make it seem like it has a continuous screen. To be run by the latest Android version 7.0, this phone may also be available in a unique color, which is expected to appeal to the consumers along with its unique display.

    The main concept of the phone is found to be similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, the specifications of the Nokia Edge differs from its predecessors. A lot of improvements can be found with this set as compared to the previous Nokia phones. For example, not only is it the first phone to use the edge-to-edge feature, but it also possesses the ability to resist water. This means that the user can stay carefree with the phone, even in wet conditions. Its 2k touchscreen, the full-HD display is sharp and clear enough to let one stream videos, and browse through the gallery of photos captured by the phoneโ€™s great quality 23MP rear camera. While the rear camera of the phone seems promising, the front camera is also expected to offer the ability to capture high-quality HD selfies! 

    Sporting such high specs sometimes make a smartphone hang, and function slowly. However, we are not expecting that outcome from the Nokia Edge 2017 as it will be using the latest Android version Nougat 7.0 with high RAM, to ensure a smooth and speedy experience with the smartphone. The functionality blends perfectly with the design of the phone, to offer one a classy, smooth phone experience.

    While the Nokia D1c was manufactured by HMD Global with Nokia being only its brand name, the Nokia Edge 2017 will be branded as well as manufactured by Nokia itself. Based on the first look of the phone, and the information derived from leaks and rumors, this phone is all set to offer a high-end experience to its customers, to perfectly satisfy the needs and expectations one has from a smartphone.

    Nokia Edge Expected launch in Egypt Egypt:
    Nokia edge will be expected in July 2017 and the price in Egypt will be around 3200 AED. 

    The Best Features of the Nokia Edge 2017
    โ€ข Edge-to-Edge display is what has got everybody excited about the upcoming Nokia Edge.
    โ€ข Great camera quality of the front as well as the rear camera
    โ€ข Latest Android version Nougat, to offer a fast and smooth experience

    All prices in the above table are in Egypt Egyptian pound.
    The Nokia Edge Mobiles is manufactured by Nokia and was added around March, 2017.
    The latest price of Nokia Edge was obtained on October 22, 2017, 6:27 am

    The product is sold at 0 online shops in Egypt in US, Cairo, Alexandria, Al Jizah.
    The price is valid in all major cities of Egypt including US, Cairo, Alexandria, Al Jizah . Please check instructions at the specific stores for any deviation.
    Buy Nokia Edge online in US Egypt for the lowest price. You can also avail the options of Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI on purchase of this product.
    Nokia Edge is available in many colours and specification across various online stores in US Egypt.

    Average rating is 3.6 stars, based on 26 reviews