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    Coffee Makers have been famous for a very long time now. The Ibrik from Turkey was the first coffee (the Turkish Coffee) brewer. The body and handle is usually made of copper, and it has a long spout. It is still well known in the Middle East. The drink poured out from it is quite thick in light of the fact that no sifting happens. However, once the drink settles, the residue remains at the bottom, leaving you with a frothy, strong concoction.
    There are a wide assortment of coffee makers available in the market, from the regular to the exclusive. Here are a couple of factors to look for when purchasing one for yourself.
    A great many people nowadays use the reasonable Trickle model of coffee makers for their cup of java. In this model you pour water into a chamber in the machine, coffee grounds are placed in a filter and is set on top of the pot. The water is then heated to a boiling point, and will flow through the filter, into the pot below. 
    With the advancement of technology, controls on the coffee maker have developed to such an extent that the machine now looks quite high-tech. You have LCD screens showing the temperature, the timer, a clock, and a few other info-bits. You can find the best coffee makers in Egypt and Egypt at PriceDeals!
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